Jun 8, 2018
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1. Lamp 3D Models Free Download

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The Luxo Lamp is completely rigged. In the User Data of the Main Null of the Luxo Lamp there are various Xpresso Controls.
The first control turns the Lamp On/Off. When the Lamp is turned On, the light illuminates, the switch rotates and the Light Bulb filament material gains luminance. Two other controls adjust the color and intensity of the light.
The next group of controls adjusts the position of the Lamp. Control Axis (Z) and Control Axis (Y) adjust the placement of the End Goal of the Main IK Chain along the Z and Y directions. Main Rotation rotates the Lamp starting on the Base Joint.Primary Rotation (Shade) and Transverse Rotation (Shade) adjust the end rotation of the Shade.
The last control adjusts the Clamp Screw aperture matching the thickness of the object used to position the Lamp.The end Cable has various handles already in place, so that the cable can easily take the desired shape.


Here you can download free 3d models, In this file,the size of this is length 300 mm width 300 and height 1800.in this approx seventeen thousand polygons and seventeen thousand vertices in this file you get 3Ds max file version 2013, 2014, FBX file and OBJ file also. There are so many types of texture in this file. If you like this feel free to download it.

  1. Size = 300 mm x 300 mm x 1800 mm
  2. 3DS max file Version = 2013, 2014
  3. Other file = FBX and obj file

You can use easily any 3DS max


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